In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful
In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Madina-tul-Ilm Education Center, Copenhagen Denmark 

Almighty Allah has given us oppertunity in the shape of Madina-tul-Ilm (MTI) Education Center to provide the Hauza Education in Europe and the elementary Islamic knowledge to the local community.

Madina-tul-Ilm Education Center established on 19 July, 2012 with the blessing of Muhammad (S.A.W) wo Alay Muhammad (A.S) and endless effort and commitment by Maulana Syed Mureed Hussain Naqvi.


Donation can be submitted to MTI's Danish bank account. MTI's Bank details are
Danske Bank
Reg No: 1551
Account No: 11144608

In case of donations from countries other then Denmark, further bank details are.
IBAN: DK2730000011144608

4th Islamic month - Rabi-us-Sani 

  Birth of Imam Hasan Askari(as) - 11th Holy Imam - (232 AH)
  Birth of Imam Hasan Askari(as) - the 11th Holy Imam - (232 AH)
  Death of Hazrat Fatima Masooma-e-Qom(as) - 201 AH (disputed date)
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Verse of the day
And He taught Adam the names - all of them.
Then He showed them to the angels and said, "Inform Me of the names of these, if you are truthful."
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Nahjul balagha